photo: Simon Duus


Tan Tuan Hao 

(born 1986 in Singapore)

Tan Tuan Hao is a composer who works primarily as a composer and performer. As a composer, Tuan Hao has collaborated widely, with ensembles such as: Esbjerg Ensemble (Denmark), Bergen Girls’ Choir (Norway), Ensemble Mosaic (Germany), Ensemble TM+ (France), and Ding Yi Music (Singapore). His work also extends to theatrical and film productions, encompassing collaborative projects with LASALLE College of the Arts (Singapore), and the National Film School of Danmark

His interests in music composition lie in the intersection of musical and dramatic expression, with special emphasis on developing new ways of expressing musical and dramatic meaning through performance gestures that combine musical, sonic, verbal, and visual elements. Tuan Hao also works with live improvisation, combining live performance with real-time audiovisual processing.

Tuan Hao has studied with composers such as Chong Kee Yong (Malaysia/Singapore), Lindsay Vickery (Australia), Jeppe Just Christensen, Hans Abrahamsen, and Bent Sørensen (Denmark). In December 2015, he debuted from the soloist class at the Royal Danish Academy of Music.

"... an excellent understanding of the voice, and how to create an atmosphere using experimental textures in the chamber ensemble."

Andreas Engström
Seismograf, 28.8.16

"... Tan Tuan Hao's piece Through the Fences, The Light Falls revels in the visual sensation of solar flares in a kaleidoscope of imaginary soundscapes from a wide area. Delicate designs condense in the Dane's performance, but it flashes and sparkles and glistens again and again - in exciting dissonances and occasional percussive action on the strings. These are highlights and refractions that dazzle the eye."

Stefan Pieper
Klassik Heute, 13.4.15



Advanced Postgraduate Diploma
The Royal Danish Academy of Music


Cand. musicae
The Royal Danish Academy of Music


Bachelor of Arts in Music, First Class Honours
Music Composition
LASALLE College of the Arts, Singapore